About Us

We're a digital marketing agency whose mission is "to help businesses stay competitive online".

By delivering high performance driven marketing solutions - with your budget in mind, we ensure your business achieves targeted results always.

Our Approach

Our Approach to Marketing is Simple.

At Chebani, we focus on the goal of every campaign journey.

By leveraging data & online insight, we deliver our clients’ message to the right people, on the right channel(s), through the right platform at the right time.

With a combination of Reach, Relevance and Return-On-Investment(ROI) approach to marketing we ensure the highest possible result is achieved always.

Above all, we strive to improve the your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) by constantly exploring innovative ways to achieve your business goals.

Our Story

Started in 2016 with its headquarters located in Lagos, Nigeria, Chebani is a registered company.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency focussed on driving performance through data-driven online campaigns.

Over the years, our customers have recorded some of the best benefits  – with a record average of 30% increase in Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS).  As a result of our detailed approach, 60% of our customers have seen over 78% increase in revenue within few months of implementing our recommended digital strategy.

Meet The Team

With a growing team of:

Digital Strategists | Website Designers | Content Creators | Social Media Experts | UI Experts | Account Managers | Data Analysts

we deliver tailored solutions to ensure that the overall objective of every marketing journey is met always.


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