Mobile Phone Retail Chain Increase Brand Visibility & Sales

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    Motorola | SLOT


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The Client


Motorola a telecommunication company partnered with Nigeria’s largest phone retail chain Slot Nigeria

The Need


The client(s) wanted to create awareness and drive online sales for all Motorola products.

The Strategy


The strategy was leverage promotional marketing to offer customers discounts on all Motorola products bought at any Slot Location plus an opportunity to win a brand new Kia Rio.

However, we knew that strategy alone was not enough to make the sale if customers were unaware.

The Solution


Our team at Chebani worked hand-in-hand with the Motorola and Slot marketing teams to not only create awareness but drive sales so much that at the end of the campaign, both teams agreed that the objectives were met.

In addition they found it fascinating that the amount of data generated enabled them more market insight for decision making.